Richard Dawkins, a Mothers response

This was my response to eugenicist Richard Dawkins after he tweeted that women were morally obliged to abort any foetus with Down Syndrome.

Dear Richard Dawkins,
Yet again I find myself writing another letter to another ignorant, narcissistic fool. When I saw the article reported in The Independent a couple of people asked if I would be responding. My first thought was why? You don’t deserve my time or my energy. But my boy does. He deserves everything and more, most importantly he deserves his life.
Apparently you are an educated man, yet you make comments about something clearly you know nothing about. Why should foetuses with Down’s be aborted? On what grounds do you base these comments? More importantly who made you God? You are not a woman, you are not pregnant, nor have you ever been. You have never grown a life inside of you, nurtured it, cared for it and protected it until the day it is born. That foetus, any foetus, then becomes your baby, your child, your flesh and blood. You hold it for the first time, and fall completely in love. You don’t see any medical condition; you see your son or daughter gazing at you.
My son is nearly ten months old. Hey guess what? He has Down’s Syndrome and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I would not change a single thing about him. He is my teacher, my inspiration and my guiding star. He has more compassion in his tiny toenail than you could ever hope to have. He exudes love and innocence. And he is loved, he is loved beyond words.
At almost ten months he has almost mastered sitting, he’s still a bit like a weeble but we are getting there. He explores the world with this beautiful, tentative stroke, he reaches out to touch my face and my heart melts. His smile doesn’t just light up a room, it could light up an entire mountain, and that laugh. Oh that laugh of his, it is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Tickle him, play round and round the garden and he will laugh for you too.
But you don’t see any of that, you are incapable. You think you know about life and emotion; let me tell you, you know nothing. Your views are archaic and cruel. You are just another sad, narcissistic old buffoon. So please, take yourself and your comments back to the dark ages where they belong. Humans have somewhat evolved since outlooks like yours were common place, it would appear however that evolution left some rather far behind.
Wendy Puckrin


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